Ski service and snowboard service Zell am See Wintersteiger ski service with Sport Achleitner in Zell am See

Ski servcie & snowboard service in Zell am See

Why ski or snowboard service?
The answer is quite simple and easy to explain: because you will have more fun on the slopes after a professional tuning of your skis and snowboards!

  1. Requires less effort and less danger of accidents
    Professional edge grinding in skis and snowboards ensures uncompromising grip, even in icy runway conditions. This saves energy and increases safety.
  2. Light turning and sliding
    Optimal structured base ensures the perfect turn and easy gliding in all snow conditions.

All of this together will give you a piste feeling you never want to miss for sure. Our competent and highly experienced ski service employees at Sport Achleitner in Zell am See will gladly advise you, so that you can experience perfect fun on the slopes with your skis and boards.



Snowboard                                                             from

Ski / Snowboard

Electronic security setting

Installation + security setting

EUR 25,-
EUR 29,-

EUR 35,-
EUR 39,-

EUR 7,- / 10,-

EUR 10,-

EUR 25,-


Surface befor


Edges are rusty and blunt
Surface is scratched
Surface has no structure

  Surface after


Edges are perfectly tuned
Smooth and waxed surface
Structural polish


Ski & snowboard service - make the regular check
With a simple look at the surface and the edges after skiing or snowboarding, you can easily determine whether a service, because of wear
and damage is necessary. For questions you can always contact your competent service personnel of Sport Achleitner in Zell am See.

Blunt, rounded edges
If the edges are worn, skis and snowboards tend to slip when turning constantly. Blunt edges give no support and no security -
especially on hard and icy slopes.

Damage of the surface
If you check your equipment, you should also pay attention to damage to the surface, such as scratches or deep cuts.
Even small scratches may affect the lubricity, if not repaired.

Dry base
In skiing/snowboarding, the wax is removed by friction and the surface will be dry, fibrous and gray. By applying a new layer of wax,
the surface will be treated and the sliding properties will improve; the wax will also provide protection against oxidation.

How often you should perform a ski or snowboard service depends on the snow conditions, the terrain and your personal level of performance and skiing/snowboarding style. Larger surface or edge damage should be treated immediately. Basically, the ski service employees of Sport Achleitner
in Zell am See recommend a service: